If you want to start a Non-Profit and you're not quite ready, we have seasoned Non-Profits that are eager to mentor and/or sponsor you!

Fiscal Sponsorship

There are multiple types of Fiscal Sponsorship that can range from a singular project to a complete mentor ship/sponsorship program under an established nonprofit organization. It allows someone who does not have their federally recognized tax-exempt status to operate as if they do. 

Our professional staff has carefully developed a method of partnering Fiscal Sponsors with like-minded individuals to maximize the potential of every start-up organization in order to succeed with a positive outcome.


Whether it's a smaller more intimate event or a Gala Affair of grand proportions, we are here to help you every step of the way, from planning and organizing to ensuring that every detail is executed flawlessly. Our goals is to relieve some of the pressure that comes with planning and funding a fundraiser.

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsorships are agreements between a company and a non-profit organization to partner towards a common goal. They can be a one-time occurrence or on-going. Corporate sponsorships can be monetary and/or gifts in kind. We strive to help you get the support that you need.

Grant Writing

Although some people are able to make it look quick and easy, grant writing is a process. There are different ways to apply for grants, depending on the Grant Maker (Funder); some have a simple application for you to complete, others require a letter of inquiry or to attend a webinar that is specific to that particular grant. There are some grants however, that require a more in-depth submission. Either way, we work diligently to...

Consulting & Coaching

As your consultant we will devise, advise and implements a plan as your coach we will motivate, encourage and push you to help you execute said plan.

Feeling Motivated to strive with a coach? Let us build a team to help your vision come to life!

We understand how busy life can be with your Non-Profit, our consultants are here to build ang grow your Non-Profit! 


Program Statement